Cure Bowl is raising awareness about breast cancer


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ORLANDO, Fla.This article is sponsored by the Cure Bowl.

There's no better way to raise awareness for breast cancer than a massive college football game.

In its fifth year, the Cure Bowl is back to let the world know that a cure must be found for this deadly disease. 

Two college football teams will play in the big game on Dec. 21, and the goal is to not only raise funds to find a cure, but to raise awareness and celebrate the women who are fighting the fight. 

Funds raised at the Cure Bowl will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which is one of the highest rated breast cancer organizations in America. 

Telling as many people as possible about the dangers of breast cancer is more important than ever. In America alone, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes. With more research comes a better way to finding a cure. 

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