When you're signing up for Medicare, what else is there to consider?

Simply Healthcare has plans designed around meeting members' unique health needs

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This article is sponsored by Simply Healthcare.

When it comes to Medicare, people have a lot of choices and options.

For some, it might seem overwhelming, especially considering we're in the midst of the annual enrollment period, which is when decisions need to be finalized -- this year, that deadline is Dec. 7.

What makes a program or a plan stand out? What options open up once someone is enrolled?

Take Simply Healthcare, for example. As a Florida licensed health maintenance organization, often called an HMO, the group offers health plans for people signed up for Medicaid or Medicare programs.

In Simply's case, its plans are designed around meeting the unique health needs of its members, and they include many specialty plans. Simply began as a minority-owned HMO. The organization was the first to offer a Medicaid specialty plan for people living with HIV/AIDS.

In fact, if you open Simply's homepage, you'll see a photo of NBA legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson.


The date Nov. 7, 1991, will forever live in sports history -- because that's when Johnson announced his abrupt retirement from basketball due to contracting HIV. According to World Health Organization data from late last year, about 37.9 million people are currently living with HIV.

Johnson recently tweeted out his gratitude for those who have helped him through his journey over the past 28 years. 

Just as Johnson has continued to live a productive life since his diagnosis, there are opportunities for those who currently have HIV to do the same.

Clear Health Alliance, which is offered by Simply Healthcare, is an example of an organization helping people with HIV/AIDS get access to care and services.

Since 2010, people have had the opportunity through Simply to call or go online to set up personal treatment options with doctors and case managers. 

"We want our members to stay well and have access to the care and treatment they deserve, when they need it," Simply officials said online. "We’re working to help make health care simple, so members can focus on what matters most. Let us be your partner for a healthier life."

Simply is an HMO for people enrolled in Medicaid, Medicare and Florida Healthy Kids programs.