5 ways to spruce up your home in the new year

It’s a new year and the perfect time to breathe some new life into your home.

There are simple ways to do this, and as they say, change is good.

Here are five ways you can make some changes to your home that just might leave you feeling refreshed.

1. Prep your yard for the spring. Many of us have yards covered in leaves. Consider getting those leaves out of there soon and think about what you could do to add some oomph to your yard. Maybe a splash of color with some flowers, perhaps a fire pit might be a great addition. You can find countless ideas and ways of sprucing up your yard at the Orlando Home and Garden Show.

2. Rearrange your furniture. Simply rearranging your furniture can not only change the feel of your room, but it can be good to change things up. It’s a good way to go through things and clean house at the same time.

3. Organize. While you’re rearranging furniture and cleaning things out, it’s a great time to organize all the kids toys, paperwork, your drawers, cabinets, closets and more. You can find all kinds of storage solutions at the upcoming Home and Garden Show.

4. Consider bigger projects. Have you ever thought about redoing cabinets, flooring or other areas in your home? You can get access to expert contractors, builders and remodelers at the show. Not only can they help you hone in on the ideas you already have, but they can guide you as to what will work best for your home.

5. Get new landscaping in your yard. After the leaves are cleared, it might be easier to envision a beautiful landscape for you and your visitors to view as soon as you pull up to your house. First impressions are the most important, right? There are all kinds of plants, landscape displays and exhibitors to help you discover the latest trends at the Home and Garden Show.

If you simply want a change and don’t know what it is yet, the show is a great place to talk to experts and get some ideas. It doesn’t have to cost a bunch of money either.

The show will be held Jan. 10-12 at the Orange County Convention Center. Tickets are $9, but you can enter to win free admission by clicking here.