These are hard times, and feeding families shouldn’t be a worry -- this group wants to help

Sharing Center remains open to help feed families impacted by coronavirus pandemic

Basket of food.
Basket of food.

We all must social distance and stay home as much as possible right now during this coronavirus pandemic. As we’re all doing that, we’re going through the items in our pantry and fridge much more quickly. But there are some people who don’t have as much food as they need for themselves and their family.

Think about the stressful situation of being unable to feed the people you are trying to keep safe and healthy right now.

Because of places like the Sharing Center, our neighbors are receiving hand-selected, nutritionally balanced groceries for each member of their family through its Virtual Pantry Drive.

Through community support, the Sharing Center helps to alleviate hunger for, on average, 15,000 people each year. That’s an amazing amount of food provided to people who may otherwise have little to none.

At a time when this assistance might be needed more than ever, the pantry is in urgent need of some foods, cleaning supplies and other essentials to help your neighbors in crisis.

Are you in a position to help?

Anyone can participate by virtually shopping for everyday groceries and household items, or even help with a full cart of groceries. Items are priced between $10 and $250. You also have the choice to simply make a monetary donation in any amount you choose.

If you’d like to help your community in a meaningful way, click here to donate. Want to learn more? Click here.