Attorney weighs in on whether to remove your house from MLS

Do you really want to sell it? Keep it listed!

During this surreal time of living through the coronavirus pandemic, Attorney Justin Clark said he’s gotten the question time and time again: “Should we remove our house from MLS?”

And really, that depends, said Clark, the host of “You Have Real Estate.”

Do you really want to sell your home?

If you don’t want to, then by all means: Take it down!

But if you’re really looking to make a sale, you have to keep it listed, Clark said.

People are still buying houses. The market is moving. If you receive an offer that you don’t love, nothing has changed in that regard: You don’t have to accept it.

But it can’t hurt to keep the house online.

And while you might not love the idea of prospective buyers coming to look at your home in person considering the uncertainties involving COVID-19, just keep in mind that houses are enormous transactions.

It makes sense that the buyers will want to see it.

You can get creative, as well. Help your real estate agent be the most effective. And if you’re worried about germs and safety, perhaps have face cloth coverings or masks at the door and ask prospective buyers to put one on before touring your home.

Watch the video, above, to hear more from Clark and this week’s guests on “You Have Real Estate.”