How graduate business school can set you up for life

Enhanced skills, edge in job market among reasons grad school can be valuable

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In general, sometimes going to graduate or business school, even after getting a college degree, can be a bit intimidating.

College graduates go through so much work and spend so much time getting a bachelor’s degree, it’s understandable if there is some hesitancy to go through the process again for a master’s or post-graduate business degree.

But make no mistake about it, there are lifelong benefits to attending a post-graduate business school -- that can make the extra time and work well worth it.

Here are three big advantages to attending a graduate business school, according to Peggy Brown, an alumnus of the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College.

An enhanced learning environment

Brown said going to business school was a pleasant surprise in that learning extended well beyond the classroom.

“Almost all of our classes contained a global component, encouraging us to look outside the bounds of our industries and to think about business on a global scale,” Brown said. “We were encouraged to volunteer, undertake consulting projects for local businesses and even participate in global consulting experiences. Class content was relevant to what I was doing at work, and the experiences I had during the program were things that I could immediately apply in my career.”

Development of new skills

While already possessing skills in her career, Brown said going to business school made her even more well-rounded.

“For me, one of the biggest takeaways I gained from business school was increased confidence," she said. “When I reflected on all the things I was doing at the time, managing a career, being a mom, balancing home life, and then adding school on top of it, it gave me immense confidence in my abilities. Plus, I gained tangible skills, like strong presentation skills and the ability to be an effective negotiator. These are things that serve me well every day, long after completing the program.”

Edge in the job market

With a degree from graduate business school, Brown forever has a major edge on her resume over others, both at her current job and should she apply for others.

“Many of my (peers) have gone on to earn promotions, join new organizations, change departments, or even start their own companies,” she said. “For me, it helped to demonstrate my flexibility as a manager and to showcase transferable skills that allowed me to promote into a newly created role in my organization. Another powerful benefit is the time management skills that are naturally gained during the experience. Increased productivity is born out of necessity when you are juggling your education on top of your career. You become more efficient in everything you do -- and it shows through to your managers. You’ll look back on the experience and be amazed at all you were able to fit into a day.”

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