Why your house may not lose value during COVID-19 pandemic

Also, how you could actually help increase value of home by going solar

Homeowners during the COVID-19 pandemic may be wondering about the value of their home -- will it go down or stay the same?

On this week’s edition of “You Have Real Estate” with Attorney Justin Clark, we explore how your house may not lose value, but also how homeowners can actually help increase that value.

Clark explains how he doesn’t believe we’ll see anything like we saw in 2008 -- adding that since 2008, there have been much better lending practices. House prices now are really where they should be, Clark said.

The interest rates on houses remain strong, Clark said.

He thinks it’s a great time to purchase a home.

Finally, Clark believes that by going solar, he's increased the value of his home. He said now is the time to go solar, sitting down with others to discuss what to consider.

For more about the value of your home during the pandemic and going solar, watch the full video, above.