Invest in a new home now or wait until next year? Hear from the experts

Two people hang out in their home.
Two people hang out in their home.

It’s been quite a year, with the global pandemic and presidential election, but real estate experts stand firm that buying or selling a home is the right choice to make right now.

Real Estate Attorney Justin Clark spoke with two local real estate experts who described this year as one of opportunity.

“Money is cheap -- you better buy,” real estate agent Sherri Dyer said.

With interest rates so low, it’s almost free money. That’s why this might be one of the first times ever it is the right time to buy and sell.

At some point the interest rates will have to rise, so now is the perfect opportunity to buy or sell.

Clark also spoke with the real estate agents about how an election can effect the market. Hear more in the video above.