5 ways efficient doors, windows can add to your home’s value and help you save money

These can do wonders for a household in many ways

Stock image. Photo by Curtis Adams (Pexels)

With there’s still a low inventory of homes, many homeowners are simply electing to save money and add value to their house through renovation projects.

But while areas such as bathrooms or kitchens get a lot of attention with remodels, windows and doors can also be ways to save money and add value.

Here are five ways doors and windows in your house give you more bang for your buck, according to FAS Windows & Doors.

1. Install a steel or fiberglass-clad entry door.

Steel and fiberglass-clad doors have five times more insulating value of a solid wood door of the same size. Doors made of those materials are also less likely to rot, are more resistant to insects, help block out noise and are more sturdy to help protect against any impact from hurricanes.

2. Install dual-plane windows.

Instead of single-pane windows that have a single sheet of glass between the home’s interior and exterior, dual-plane windows provide extra protection between extreme outdoor temperatures and climate-controlled temperatures inside, according to FAS Windows & Doors.

Standard dual pane windows are made up of two sheets of glass, caulked and sealed, to protect the home from the uncomfortable temperatures outside.

3. Get windows with argon in it.

Some windows have a layer of argon between the glass instead of air. Argon is a gas that is a better insulator than simple air. The benefits of argon can include:

  • Better soundproofing ability that reduces sounds.
  • Zero to little environmental impact.
  • Reduces the chances of condensation.

4. New doors help with hurricane impact.

Installing a new steel or fiberglass-clad door can have the following benefits in the event of a hurricane, according to FAS Windows & Doors.

  • Storm protection. Impact-resistant doors are designed to withstand hurricane-level winds and impacts from flying debris.
  • Peace of mind. Home buyers feel good knowing there is added protection during a big storm with doors that can survive a hurricane.
  • Enhanced protection from intruders. Hurricane-impact doors are not only strong enough to withstand high winds with their strong materials, but also intruders who try and use brute force to enter a home.
  • Potential insurance discounts. There’s a chance that any insurance company that knows your home is extra protected will make it a little lighter on your wallet when it comes to fees.

5. New windows also help with hurricane impact.

Dual-plane windows with vinyl or heavy-duty multi-chambered frames and laminated insulating glass are essential to help combat potential hurricane damage because of their sturdiness. They also provide significant energy savings from single-pane glass windows, are shatter-resistant, blocks out more noise and offers better UV protection.

To learn more or schedule a consultation, check out FAS Windows & Doors.