Tips to make sure your house stays cool in the summer heat, humidity

Stock image. Max Vakhtbovych (Pexels)

With summer in full swing, all the heat and humidity means it will be a daily priority to make sure your residence is cool and comfortable.

But what steps should you take to make sure you aren’t sweltering in your own living quarters all summer?

Lyndon Cook, regional GM of Trane Residential in Florida, offers these tips to keep your residence cool in the heat.

Do preventive maintenance on your air conditioner.

Cook said it’s important to make sure that your air conditioner is working BEFORE the peak heat and humidity for the summer arrives, so that way it will be functioning properly once it goes until full use.

“Have a professional contractor come out and look at the system before the season starts,” he said.

Follow 2 steps to make sure the air conditioner will run smoothly all summer.

Cook said there are two things residents can do when it comes to making sure their air conditioner is functioning how it should all summer.

  • Change the HVAC filter. Clogged filters affect the efficiency of your unit. Regularly changing it can save as much as $30 a month. To maximize airflow, efficiency, and help your system operate correctly, replace dirty filters monthly during the summer months.
  • Keep your blinds closed. Closing blinds and curtains to help regulate your room’s temperature when your air conditioner or fan is running.

“Those are probably two of the best things (people) can do,” Cook said.

Ways to keep humidity out of the home.

Cook said these are ways you can make sure humidity stays out of a home and the residence can stay as comfortable as possible.

  • Take shorter showers.
  • Lower the water temperature.
  • Cover boiling pots and pans with a lid.
  • Avoid running laundry machines during the day.

Control temperature with smart thermostats.

Technology has made it easier to control temperatures in a home, especially if you have a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat allows you to schedule temperature settings for various parts of the day or put the HVAC system into an energy savings mode when you leave, all from your phone.

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