3 ways to celebrate National Wildlife Day

Courtesy photo. (Wild Florida)

Sept. 4 is National Wildlife Day, an occasion dedicated to celebrate the peace, serenity and environmental benefits various wildlife can provide.

But one might be wondering, what are the best ways we can celebrate National Wildlife Day?

Here are three such ways, according to Wild Florida.

1. Ride on an airboat tour

Airboats are watercraft with a propeller in the back and seats on it that allow people to take rides with a guide along a river to view surrounding wildlife.

Animals such as alligators, ospreys and eagles can be seen frequently during tours.

2. Walk through a gator park

While you are technically walking through a gator park, alligators aren’t the only animals you can see in one of these excursions.

Exotic birds, two-toed sloths, red-ruffed lemurs, African crested porcupines and Australian wallabies are other examples of animals that can be seen.

3. Drive through a safari park

If going on a boat or walking isn’t your thing, then going on a safari drive is another option.

Animals that can viewed through these excursions include white-tailed deer, bison, wildebeest, zebras, watusi, and oryx.

Visit this website for more information or to inquire about tickets to any one of the above excursions, or even all three.