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October 3, 2013
Legoland Expanding Again

Our area's newest theme park is expanding again.  LEGOLAND Florida's new addition is adding even more for the youngest model citizens. And it is going in right at the entrance. Take a look at the map.


What is now DUPLO Village is going to become DUPLO Valley (what is it with this park and CAPITAL LETTERS??)


Here's a look at what the expanded entrance will look like (doubtlessly brick nirvana for the 2-5 year-olds)


 The expansion adds three new attractions. The biggest is the DUPLO Train. LEGOLAND says it will let " toddlers can board a train on their own or with their parents to explore countryside-themed scenery passing through farms, fishing holes and campgrounds. "


Across the way -- there will be a water splash area and a Mini Tractor ride: "toddlers can jump on a tractor just their size and help the farmers plow the cornfields and hunt for missing farm animals. "


 See the barn behind the tractor ride? LEGOLAND says that will make this expansion a better place for parents. They can watch on in air-conditioned comfort while the wee ones build with DUPLO bricks.  
While the current DUPLO area is closing for construction, the park says there is still a lot for toddlers to enjoy.  Here's their complete list.
DUPLO® Valley is due to open  in spring 2014.

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