Solar Bears begin training camp on Monday

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Orlando, FL - The Orlando Solar Bears, proud affiliate of the NHL's Minnesota Wild and Toronto Maple Leafs and AHL's Iowa Wild and Toronto Marlies, announced today their training camp schedule for the 2013-14 season. All practices are open to the public. The following schedule is subject to change:

2013-14 Training Camp Schedule - SUBJECT TO CHANGE:

Flash photography and unauthorized video recording is not permitted.

Solar Bears Director of PR and Broadcasting Bob Mills had a chance to sit down with Head Coach Vince Williams to discuss Solar Bears Training Camp:

Q: Camp is going to be very competitive, especially for the rookies. You have a lot of really talented players trying to make this team. What do the younger players need to do to separate themselves? A: Their preparation over the summer is important. Their conditioning is extremely important, because if they are not in shape it is going to be evident. How they shape up compared to the vets will show a lot about their preparation for camp. Being prepared is the first step to becoming a true professional.

Q: Do you try to incorporate power play and penalty kill strategies in camp? A: I'm a big believer in teaching and implementing special teams right away. A major percentage of these guys in camp will be here when the season starts. The on ice and off ice culture of the team and organization has to be established from day one. Working on the special teams early gives the coaches a chance to see who picks up on things quickly and who will need some extra work.

Q: Looks like you'll have a battle for every role on this team. How are you able to use training camp to evaluate your team? A: Character, leadership, conditioning, accountability, how coachable they are; you look for players that take pride in their preparation and performance. There is a clean slate for everyone, and as a coach you are looking to create the best team. The players can control how prepared, healthy, and fit they are, and how much they have invested in themselves over the summer.