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Sports Director David Pingalore discusses NFL, gives predictions


It's finally here!  The NFL seaon starts Thursday night.  Wooooohoooooo!  

Can you feel the excitement?  Patriots QB Tom Brady is back in the mix, as he should be.  Judge Richard Berman got it right -- no suspension for Brady.  Remember, he is the star of the show.  Never did I think Brady would not be around for the opening weekend of football.  That's like saying Tom Cruise wouldn't be around for "Mission Impossible."   It all worked out.  "Deflategate" is in the rear-view mirror.  NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell was so wrong the way he conducted the investigation.

Orlando City soccer still has not won a game in its last six.  UGH!  Fans are growing frustrated by the flawed system when it comes to players being called up to international teams.   It is not the players' fault, however.  It's an MLS problem.  FIFA has set weeks put aside for matches to take place.  It's up to the clubs to figure out league schedules.  For instance, worldwide soccer leagues shut down the schedule to accommodate FIFA.  MLS does not.  Hence, 54 MLS players this season have been called up, leaving a void in rosters.  The fans are the ones who are getting ripped off because they are paying full price for tickets to see lesser-quality games.  

This has hurt the Orlando City Lions, as their $7 million man, Kaka, missed last weekend's game at New England after being called up to the Brazilian national team.  Not good at all!  But don't hate the player, hate the MLS system.   

Here's to Serena Williams trying to win a calendar Grand Slam this weekend.  The last to do so was Steffi Graf in 1988.  Serena needs to win her last two matches at the U.S. Open.  I'm saying she gets it done.  Regular followers realize that I just jinxed her.  Oops, sorry, Serena.   Would you rather I say that you won't win the U.S. Open?  Exactly.  Here's to one of  the classier athletes in sports. Good luck!

Ping's Things likes UCF to pull off an upset at Stanford ... Why not predict that? Stanford lost to Northwestern, so  anything's possible. 

Oviedo's own Blake Bortles will start in his first-ever NFL season opener this weekend. Ping's Things likes the Jags to win 9-8 against Carolina. 

The Bucs lose at home to the Titans 28-7.  Sorry Winston fans, but Mariota throws for four touchdowns in the game and Buc fans will be left wondering why they didn't draft him instead.

Orlando City finally wins at home: Ping's Things says 1-nil against Sporting Kansas City.

Fantasy football sleeper of the week: Play Blake Bortles -- because nobody else will.