UCF football gets in on mannequin challenge

Player shoots, edits video

ORLANDO, Fla. – UCF football is not only winning games, but also breaking the internet.

UCF sophomore placekicker Donald De La Haye of Port St. Lucie posted a video on Twitter of a vast majority of the football team participating in the mannequin challenge.


"It's just something fun, something different, " De La Haye said. "I saw everybody doing it, so I kind of wanted to hop on the bandwagon too."

The video, a combination of different scenes, was shot at the DoubleTree hotel on the night of Oct. 28 before UCF's away game vs. Houston.

De La Haye is known for his videos. He went viral in 2014 with a  trick shot field goal video, which made ESPN "SportsCenter's" top 10 plays.

"I enjoy doing videos," Del La Haye said. "It's one of my favorite hobbies, kind of a stress reliever ... any (video) ideas I have, I just write them down, if I have the time, I do them, but football is first. That's the priority."

Since UCF football's mannequin challenge, other groups, including UCF women's rowing and FCA at UCF, have joined in on the fun.