UCF kicker, YouTube personality lets NCAA decide elgibility fate

Donald De La Haye decides to keep pursuing both passions

Courtesy UCF Athletics Communications
Courtesy UCF Athletics Communications

ORLANDO, Fla. – Last week, University of Central Florida kickoff specialist Donald De La Haye spoke out about his dilemma of possibly having to choose between his two life passions; making YouTube videos and playing football.

After meeting with a UCF compliance officer regarding the possibility of losing his scholarship to play on the gridiron because he made money off his popular videos, De La Haye told News6 he didn't know which he would leave behind.

However, De La Haye now says in his most recent YouTube video that he won't stop playing UCF football, but he won't stop making money off his videos either.

"I'm still waiting to hear from the NCAA and people at (UCF) compliance and all the guys up there," De La Haye said in the video. "I feel like I'm at trial right now. I didn't do anything bad. Chasing my dreams."

By making his choice to keep making videos despite the warning from UCF compliance, De La Haye now will wait to hear from the NCAA on a final ruling while continuing to make his videos that have had the power to inspire.

"The decision is in the NCAA's hands whether they want to suspend me or whether they want to let me do me," De La Haye said in his video.

Since last week, when De La Haye first started gaining traction on the internet for his issue with the NCAA, he has gained 10,702 subscribers, garnering close to 78,000 views on his video above, which has only been published for 15 hours as of 12:30 p.m. He now has 65,301 subscribers, 55,000 more than he needs to start making money from advertisements on his videos. His most popular video has close to 400,000 views.