LeBron James names new shoe after Cocoa Beach

Shoes inspired by trip to Florida as a child

COCOA BEACH, Fla. – The NBA doesn't start another season until this fall, but plenty of people in Brevard County are abuzz about LeBron James.

Nike unveiled the newest LeBron James shoe design in its collection, and it's named "Cocoa Beach."

When the Cleveland Cavaliers phenom was a mere preteen, he played for the 11-and-under team in Akron, Ohio. The team qualified for the AAU National Championship in Cocoa Beach. That trip was the first time James had ever seen the ocean, and the trip is now the inspiration behind the newest shoe design.

"It's been a bit of a rush," said former AAU Vice President and tournament host Rusty Buchanon. "What a great thing to think we made such an impression all these years later."

James' team didn't win it all, but Buchanan is awestruck by the grand gesture from the four-time NBA MVP, giving the people of Cocoa Beach another reason to be proud.

"To now be on the map for something other than space, and some would say LeBron spends enough time in space the way he jumps, it's really a great feeling," Buchanan added.

The shoes, which are sold in children's sizes and cost $140, and are expected to hit stores on Saturday.

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