Bucs-Dolphins game will not be played in Miami on Sunday

Question remains whether NFL will move game to another location, day


MIAMI – The waiting game continues for the Miami Dolphins.  While South Florida residents prepare for a potential impact from Hurricane Irma, the Dolphins are trying to prepare for their regular season opener versus Tampa Bay.

The game was supposed to be on Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium, but the NFL said that won't be happening.

The league has decided the game won't be played Sunday in South Florida because of the threat from Hurricane Irma.

In a statement, the league said it wants to give South Florida residents the proper time for preparations for the storm.

The question is when and if that game will be played at all this weekend?

The potential options still include moving the game to another neutral location to be played on Sunday. 

The game could also be moved up to Thursday or Friday, though that would seem unlikely to be played in South Florida with watches and warnings potentially in place by then.

Dolphins coach Adam Gase said after practice Tuesday that the team will be ready for whatever decision is made. 

"We're practicing like we're playing the game somewhere, sometime this week," Gase said.

The Dolphins and Buccaneers share the same bye week and the NFL could reschedule the game for then, but that would force both teams to play 16 weeks in a row. That would seem unlikely, and players from both teams have said that scenario would be a competitive disadvantage for the season.

The NFL said it plans to make a decision soon on whether to move the game to a neutral site or for later in the season.

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