Florida among top 5 states with most seniors competing in National Senior Games

National Senior Games happening in New Mexico June 14-25

ORLANDO, Fla. – The 2019 National Senior Games start in June and Florida, once again, is among the top five states with the most players participating.
"I remember saying to myself: 'If I can, I am going to do this every single time I have the opportunity to,'" Nancy Dumond, a senior volleyball player, said.

She's among 66 athletes from Central Florida competing at the event. The Boston native will be attending with her team, the Vintage Vollies. Her husband, Rick Dumond, will also be competing but on a different team.
"We've been practicing at The Villages, working with Nancy's team since January," Rick Dumond said. The couple met 43 years ago at a YMCA while playing their favorite sport, volleyball.
"We've been playing ever since, we've been coaching ever since, and we just love the sport," Rick Dumond said. He's been helping Nancy Dumond's team train for the event.

The couple is among nearly 700 senior athletes representing Florida at the 2019 National Senior Games.
"This is our first time so we're super psyched, we get to go with some people that we know, we're gonna meet new people," Rick Dumond said.
"Yeah. First time together ... this will be my third time," his wife added.
The National Senior Games is held every two years in different cities around the country. Athletes over the age of 50 compete in 19 different sports.
For the Dumonds, having each others' backs is key to winning, whether it's playing against each other or on the same team. Both have won several medals.
"Together we make a strong couple," Rick Dumond said.
The 2019 National Senior Games will take place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 14 through June 25 with a record breaking athlete participation of more than 13,700.

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