'Miracle Gator' will watch son play for team years after waking from coma

Gators face off against Miami in Orlando

A former Gator who recovered after slipping into a coma is excited to watch his son play for UF this weekend.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando native Darryl Perry lives a stone's throw away from Camping World Stadium.

On Saturday, he will be there, watching his Florida Gators take on the Miami Hurricanes, with an eye on one Gator in particular.

His son, Austin, is a junior walk-on for Dan Mullen's team, continuing his family's Florida legacy. Thirty years ago, Perry wore the Gator uniform.

He describes himself as a tough, hardworking, determined player. He still uses those traits to this day.

In 2007, Perry suffered a catastrophic medical emergency, suffering cardiac arrest in his sleep. His brain deprived of the oxygen it needed, Perry fell into a coma for weeks.

He said by God's miracle, he woke up -- and 12 years later, he's here, getting the chance to watch his three children fulfill their dreams. His doctor calls him the "Miracle Man" but you could also call him the "Miracle Gator."

Watch Perry's story above.

Perry also wants to help others by spreading his message of determination and faith as a motivational speaker. 

To reach him, go to darrylthemiraclemanperry.org.

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