Senior Salute: East Ridge baseball

Senior Salute: East Ridge baseball
Senior Salute: East Ridge baseball

Monday’s “Senior Salute” goes out to the 11 seniors on the East Ridge baseball team.

They are David Parker, Derek Ortiz, Dwanye Maduro, Elieco Paniagua, Jhalani Rogers, Jake Guthridge, Johnny Ball, Josh Cerna, Michael Prosperi, Najer Victor and Oliver Scheker.

As players, they’ve been through a lot.

They’ve had three coaches in their four varsity seasons, but they stuck together, won a lot of game for East Ridge, and several of them have earned opportunities to play at the next level.

Second year East Ridge Head Coach Bret Simmermacher nominated his group because of the way they carry themselves not only on the field, but in the classroom, and in life in general.

In his 29 total years of coaching, Simmermacher told News 6 that it’s one of the best senior classes he’s ever had. These Knights say it all starts with chemistry and trust.

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