News 6 hosts special to salute high school senior athletes

News 6 hosts Senior Salute special
News 6 hosts Senior Salute special

ORLANDO, Fla. – If you are a parent, relative or friend of a student, you know how tough the final semester of this school year was due to coronavirus concerns.

It was difficult for everyone, especially upperclassmen, and the senior athletes who were looking forward to making their final season their best. Instead, those seasons were abruptly ended: no more games to play, no Senior Night ceremonies, no championships to go for.

News 6 decided to spotlight those senior athletes who had their final seasons cut short but who had represented their school well for years.

We called the springtime project “Senior Salute,” with a different athlete or group of seniors athletes featured throughout the months of April and May, seniors who were recommended to us by coaches, school administrators, family, or friends.

This show is a look back at the project and all the special athletes we had the chance to get to know.

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