‘We listen to what they want:’ Malakai Black shares how fans help shows before AEW weekend in Orlando

Revolution PPV takes place at Addition Financial Arena at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday

ORLANDO, Fla. – All Elite Wrestling has several events planned in Orlando this weekend.

The Revolution Pay-Per-View will take place at the Addition Financial Arena at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday.

AEW star Malakai Black said the wrestling fans are going to help make the weekend great.

“This fanbase is ready for different things, they’re ready for new things,” he said.

Revolution is not the only AEW wrestling event to take place, here is a look at the schedule this weekend:

  • AEW Dark at Universal Studios at 7 p.m. on Thursday
  • AEW Rampage at the Addition Financial Arena at 7 p.m. on Friday
  • AEW Fan Fest at the Addition Financial Arena at noon on Saturday
  • AEW Music LIVE at The Venue AT UCF at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday
  • AEW Revolution Pay Per View at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday

Malakai Black shares why AEW fans should go to Rampage in Orlando before Revolution PPV.

Tickets are sold out for the PPV on Sunday, but they are available on resale markets. Tickets for the other wrestling events in Orlando this weekend can be found at this link.

Black understands why the PPV has sold more tickets than the Rampage show but said fans should get a seat for Friday’s event.

“The road is where a lot of fun happens,” Black said.

Rampage on Friday will host the final matches before the big PPV on Sunday.

“It makes the memory of Sunday so much bigger, so much more, so much more important,” Black said.

He said the memories made at the shows this weekend can have a bigger impact if the fans go to several events this weekend.

“Come up, you will not regret it,” he said.

At this time, he can’t share what plans the House of Black has for this weekend.

One of the big topics in the wrestling world last week was Buddy Matthews joining Black and Brody King in the House of Black faction.

Black said the idea of the House of Black started in his feud with Cody Rhodes, he said fans were a big part of the group coming together.

Malakai Black explains how he got Buddy Matthews and Brody King to join AEW in the video above.

“A lot of times fans dictate the path you take, you listen to what they say, we listen to what they want. You adjust accordingly,” Black said.

Black said he has been in similar wrestling factions before forming the House of Black and he had several conversations with AEW President Tony Khan on different approaches on how to bring King and Matthews to the wrestling company.

Several clues were teased by Black on social media and the shows before Matthews’ and King’s show debuts.

“Because I had these prior iterations on how I wanted to do this, I had a lot of experience of bringing this to life, which helped me a lot,” Black said.

Orlando is no stranger to the wrestling world, AEW routinely has tapings for its YouTube show at Universal Studios and The City Beautiful is also the home of World Wrestling Entertainment’s NXT.

“I think Orlando has a very dynamic approach to itself,” Black said.

He acknowledged the beaches within driving distance, the theme parks, and various tourist attractions make wrestling an excellent extra form of entertainment in Orlando.

Malakai Black shares why Orlando is a great place for pro wrestling

“History of wrestling in Florida is obviously tremendous,” he said.

If wrestling fans can’t make the event on Sunday in person, Black said they will definitely want to order the PPV.

“Throughout history, you have had revolutionary products that have always become a marquee for themselves. AEW is that right now,” he said.

Black said his career in AEW is different than his run in the WWE.

“This is where I knew I could do what I wanted to,” Black said.

He said AEW is where you get to see the creativity and thought process of the wrestlers.

“It’s created by not just one individual, not two individuals, but everyone in the locker room,” he said.

He said everyone in the company is involved, it also helps the fans want to see the show of the year at each event.

“They want everyone to do great, they want to be swept away by what we do,” Black said.

Black said the reaction from the fans has made the company and the wrestlers change plans for the show.

“They’re fueling us, they’re giving us ideas,” he said.