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April 25, 2013

Hard Hat Tour at Disney

Construction on the final phases of Disney's New Fantasyland expansion keeps on keeping on.  While Universal's Hi-Tech Transformers nears its opening less than a year since demo started on an old soundstage, Disney reiterated today that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster won't open until Spring of 2014.

I will give Disney this about the new ride -- it will be pretty and it will be a first of its kind, though not exactly an E-Ticket.  Disney took Local 6 on  a hard-hat tour of construction today.

Here's what it looked like this morning as our crew waited to be let in the area.
You can see our Louis Bolden waiting patiently.

That's the end of our unique photos. For safety reasons, Disney wouldn't let us bring our camera into the hard hat area. But DIsney did pass along some video of the construction.
I did some screen grabs to help you understand what you are seeing.

First -- here is the best view yet we have seen of the model for the attraction.

On the right shows where guests will enter the line for the ride. I believe the structure in the center will be fleshed out to look like the Dwarfs cottage -- which I believe is the exit.
The other shot of the model shows the heart of the attraction - the jewel mine itself.

Above is roughly the same spot in the actual ride under construction.
The coaster promises unique cars, shaped like mine cars, that swing for extra thrills. That's why the track is extra twisty -- to enhance the swinging.

Here's a view of the top of the attraction.  Quite a nice view of most of the Fantasyland expansion.

So while welders still have a lot to do -- there is also some themed painting already underway.

Again Disney says look for "a musical journey through the mine "where a million diamonds shine" in 2014.
Opening later this year -- is the Princess Fairytale Hall. Replacing the classic Snow White's Scary Adventure ride. On the inside-- there is still a lot to do. (keep in mind -- the Snow White ride closed almost a year ago)

That's the heart of the attraction. Hard to visualize -- but that's where little princes and princesses will get to meet Rapunzel, Cinderella and others.  At the Mine Train construction site, photojournalist Jeff Segers just sent me this photo of an Imagineer giving a little show and tell.

He's standing in front of the coaster, but here's a closer look at  what he is holding -- what the new entrance of the Meet & Greet will look like -- followed by new concept art of the interior.

Again -- the Fairy Tale Hall opens later this year.
We'll bring you more from Disney as it continues showing off what's new for summer.
Here's a link to yesterday's Theme World entry showing what I am told will be announced.

And below is the full Disney video of the 2 construction sites. Keep emailing - and I'll see you in the parks.  

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