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By Ken Pilcher - Producer
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March 13, 2014

Disney's Annual Pass+

Welcome to the next-generation, Disney passholders. While the rollout started quietly on Monday, Mickey made it official this morning with this email.

 Mickey swears it is the news you've been waiting for.  You now can have a free MagicBand. They really are popping up all over the Wonderful World of Disney, and a lot of passholders have been asking for them since the rollout started last year.  But you should know  it doesn't work the same way for us locals as it does for Disney resort guests.

They may be cool, colorful and complimentary. But they also aren't really that useful for APers. As the fine print says "Be sure to keep your Pass/discount card and photo ID with you for Passholder discounts!" Why? because for us locals the radio transmitting bracelets only act as your park ticket & a way to verify you have a valid FastPass+ time. (You make the glowing Mickey head turn green)

Oh. And they also can act as a photopass if you want to say cheese for Disney's photographers. But AP Band wearers can't tap their bracelets to charge, and of course, they don't open hotel rooms for us. So when you order your free, customized band you'll still need to get a passholder card to verify you can park for free, and get a break on dining and merchandise prices.  I've ordered my band so I can try out the system and share my impressions, but since I still need a card, I don't see much benefit from the band.
To order yours -- You'll need to log in to your account (or set up an account)  at Disneyworld.com

You need to hover over "My Disney Experience" at the top right -- click "My reservations and tickets" to link your pass to your account. Once that is done, click this link to take you to the page to order your free MagicBand.

Yes -- it's a little complicated, so Disney has set up a special website to explain it all.

The big + for Passholders is that we can now (band or no band) use FastPass+ to reserve ride and show times up to 30 days in advance (resort guests can reserve 60 days in advance)

 You can plan 7 days of ride times each 30-day period. For now, at least you can only pick one park per day, and 3 rides/shows/meet& greets per day.
   You can do it on the Disney World website -- or the MyMagic+ mobile app.

I'll let you know what I think after my MagicBand comes in.
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