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January 8, 2014

Falcon's Fury Rising Fast

Quick update from the other side of the I-4 Corridor. Busch Gardens Tampa sent us this picture of its new Falcon's Fury ride -- which is now nearly at its final height of 335 feet.

Yikes. Imagine dropping from the top of THAT thing. Keep in mind, one of the fun features is that once you reach the top -- each seat pivots 90 degrees so you can't help but look down as you drop. Here's what North America's largest drop tower will look like.

Falcon's Fury is due to open this spring along with an entire re-theme of the surrounding land. Currently, it is Timbuktu, based on a real-life place in Africa (the park's theme).
Soon it will become "Pantopia" --- a completely made-up place.

Busch says this about their redone land: "The fully remodeled Pantopia will boast elaborately-jeweled theming and feature thrilling rides and attractions, sensational new food and beverage options, exciting entertainment, shopping, a renovated indoor theater and more."

The land, and the ride should open soon. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Here's a link to my previous update on Falcon's Fury as the pieces started arriving.  For more concept art and a  video showing what it will look like to take the plunge: Click here.

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