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March 20, 2013

Join Disney's Next Generation Today

It looks like these poor, lonely EpCast Members won't be so lonely anymore.

You see that? It's from a recent, moderately crowded weekend at Walt Disney World's 2nd  busiest theme park. 8 Cast members waiting for SOMEONE to use the fancy new turnstyle-less gates. But  with NextGen tests a bit behind schedule -- it appears Disney was too ambitious at converting the main entrances at its parks.
 More than half of all entrances at the big-four  now feature the glowing Mickey head  reader.

 But to turn it from red to Let-me-in Green -- you need a special type of ticket. (Never mind the wristband in that pic -- those aren't ready yet)  Inside -- are RFID chips that let Big Mickey track you. Or at least  he WILL be able to.

Until now -- only select Disney Resort guests were able to take part in testing the new system. Locals -- it's your turn. Anyone with an Annual or Seasonal Pass -- Plus the Epcot after 4 Pass can now turn in your old plain plasticized paper ticket for a new one

Just take your pass and your photo ID to Epcot's Odyssey complex from now until May 19 for a free new ticket that will light up those Mickey readers. For now - -you still will use the old-style FastPass. But FastPass + is coming -- and I understand you'll be one of the first to be able to use it.
The new passes have a green background with a colored stripe. An orange stripe means you get free parking. Black stripes mean you have to fork over $15 for the privilege of parking in Unicorn, Scar or Discover.

One question many of you may have? What's Epcot's Odyssey?
Here it is --

It's the closed restaurant sometimes used for Food & Wine / Flower & Garden presentations (and has one of the best hidden bathrooms on property)

If you are buying a new annual pass or renewing -- you will be given a new RFID pass at the front gate as you pick up your pass -- no need to trek to the beige building between Test Track and Mexico.

That's it for today. A Quick tip of the hat the Orlando Sentinel for an interesting article on how Disney is paying for the giant parking garages going up at the area soon-to-be-no-longer-called Downtown Disney.

But I hear there's another big Disney road project in the works. One that --if it happens -- could pave the way for a different extreme makeover -- this time at a theme park. More on that next week.

Here's a link to my recent blog on Disney Springs -- and yesterday's post on LegoLand's New Land.

Keep emailing you any tips or questions. I appreciate the feedback.

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