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November 18, 2013

Ken's Hidden Gem

Happy Theme Park Week here at Local 6 and ClickOrlando.com. I was happy to help lend a little perspective to the Local 6 Morning News team when they decided to do a week-long look at the parks from the perspective of us locals.

To help with that --  we turned to you, the viewer/reader,  through our Local 6 Facebook Page

Part one (Monday Morning) featured some of your favorite hidden gems in the parks.  Here's a link to our top ten -- from your comments.

Of those hidden gems, I personally am most fond of Tom Sawyer's Island. The idea was Walt Disney's own -- and our version at Walt Disney World is the last to retain the simple purity of a place where kids can run, hide and explore that you have to get to by slow-moving raft.

 No, it doesn't have any animatronics, or a theme song.  
 But it does have a bouncy barrel bridge that makes children of all ages smile (even those of us over 30 without children).

 It also has some intriguing caves that are remarkably winding and dark -- with a few simpler special effects and mechanical figures.

Simple is the name of the game. There are many times when you are wandering the island where you really can think you aren't in a theme park.  That's the definition of "immersive entertainment."

 For the more active, there's a windmill to explore

A fort that you reach by suspension bridge (that also gives you great views of Thunder Mountain) and lets little ones climb and "shoot" guns and cannons.

The fort also has  simply -done looks at the simple life Frontierland is set in.

But (other than the bridge and the nature trails ) the best thing for adults who just need a break to stop and watch the birds and lizards for a few minutes -- while the kids run off and play -- There's a porch near the barrel bridge attached to a cottage that used to be a restaurant (Aunt Polly's)  


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