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April 24, 2013

New Disney Attractions (Big and Small)

Tomorrow Disney plans to kick of a 2-Day Media Announcement (with heavy emphasis on social media types) for what it promises will be a "Monstrous Summer."

That play on words is a tie-in to the new Monsters, INC Prequel: Monsters University -- and already one part of that hype has hit the monorail beams. Move over Tronorail & Avengerrail. I bring you (courtesy of the official Disney Blog) the "Monsterrail"

I hear we expect to see a modest revamp to Tomorrowland's Monsters, INC Laugh Floor & the meet & greet at Hollywood Studios. For the event itself, I hear you will likely see Spaceship Earth turned into Mike Wazowski. How long that will stick around, I don't know.

Disney's press release promises a "Big Announcement" at Epcot. There is a good chance they are going to announce upgrades to the original cruise liners Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. Concept art has been floating around the internet -- apparently showing an "Aquaduck" water coaster (first on the Disney Dream)  added to the Magic -- as well as a re-theme of the buffet & the ship's Caribbean-Themed "Parrot Cay" restaurant.

Disney may also talk about the new Pirates Adventure game that has started testing in Adventureland.

A member of Disney World mega-site WDWMagic.com posted video (below) of his family testing the game -- which, Unlike Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, puts a strong emphasis on real props instead of screens.

We will be at Disney's big event. Look for coverage on Local 6 & here in Theme World of all of the announcements.

But the BIG Disney attraction worth hyping is opening soon around 9,000 miles away from the heart of Theme Land.
 We take you to Mystic Manor -- at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Like SeaWorld's Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins, the attraction uses a trackless ride system that allows the ride cars to move around the room, seemingly randomly. I understand they are dispatched 4 at a time, and each of the 4 cars has a slightly different path through the Manor.

Here is the official backstory per Disney:

"Mystic Manor is Lord Henry's stately Victorian mansion and private museum, which is home to his extensive array of fine art and antiquities. Open to the public, guests can tour his home by boarding his latest invention - the "Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage" - in order to view the more than 7,000 artifacts in his collection. However, when Albert, Lord Henry's pet monkey, opens a peculiar music box in the museum, all of Mystic Manor's contents magically come to life."

Danny Elfman wrote the score. Below is a preview video posted by one of the lucky guests who are previewing this unique attraction.


It's been a long, long, long time since something that dazzling has opened here in Florida. Mermaid is nice, but my guess is Tower of Tower was the last attraction on this scale at Disney. That was 1994. Maybe Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom (1998).
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