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By Ken Pilcher - Producer

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February 10, 2014

PUSHed out of Disney?

People get passionate about their theme park memories and traditions. Understandably. After all, Disney and the others are in the business of making memories. But all things end sometime.  This time it's PUSH's turn.
Who/what is PUSH???  A talking trash can that our viewers named one of their favorite, unsung attractions in all of Central Florida last November during the Local 6 Morning News Theme Park Week.  Here is his official portrait:  

For about 19 years, PUSH wheeled his way through Tomorrowland telling jokes, making friends, catching tourists off guard, and even taking part in marriage proposals.


A few days ago, the internet was abuzz with rumors PUSH was going to roll into Magic Kingdom history, causing angry Tweets, web forum posts threatening to cancel annual passes, even a "Save PUSH" Facebook page.

Sadly, "Save PUSH" is now serving a memorial to the talking trash can. Just days earlier, a Disney spokesperson told The Orlando Sentinel there were no plans to replace the act, then  Saturday night/Sunday morning, after wheeling off stage and into the Magic Kingdom's tunnels several well-placed reports say PUSH was dismantled. It has left the Kingdom.

Sunday morning, several websites, including "EasyWDW,com" posted a screen grab from an internal Disney web site explaining to Cast Members how to talk to guests who ask why PUSH was pushed out.

Immediately people all over the internet called it a Disney conspiracy, that the Mouse didn't want fans to know PUSH was leaving ahead of time so they could publicly  say their goodbyes. There were also gasps of people in disbelief -- why would Disney end a beloved tradition, and others posting pics to Facebook of loved ones hugging PUSH.

So what changed?  I've checked with several sources who all say there's a good reason Disney denied it was trashing the trash can: Disney thought PUSH was staying.
Mickey was in normal contract re-negotiations with the company who came up with and operated PUSH. The two sides couldn't come to an agreement. So PUSH is part of Yesterland. Disney doesn't own the idea, so it can't just plop another talking trash can into the Magic Kingdom called "Trashy."

Here is Disney's official statement:

"The contract for the talking trashcan performing act has expired, so we no longer have that entertainment offering at Walt Disney World Resort. While our contract discussions are confidential, there was additional communication since Friday and we were unable to reach agreement to extend the contract. We will continue to offer a rich mix of atmosphere entertainment for our guests. "

More from Theme World tomorrow.

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