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March 25, 2013

The Busiest Place on Earth

Ok --  Die-hard Disney fans -- don't flog me. I KNOW my play on words in the headlines isn't quite right.
 For those not in the know -- DisneyLAND in California is / was / has pretty much always known as "The Happiest Place on Earth" -- something many people use for Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Traditionally WDW's moniker is "The Vacation Kingdom of the World."

But -- semantics aside -- right now the Magic Kingdom may well feel like "The Busiest Place on Earth."  For about an hour and a half today, the park was so crowded -- due to Spring Breakers and early Easter vacations--that Mickey and Pals closed the gates.  In Disney parlance -- it was a "Phase 3 Closing." That basically means only Annual Passholders, Resort Guests and people with confirmed  reservations can enter the Magic Kingdom.

I'm writing this about an hour after that first closing was lifted -- but let's check the "My Disney Experience" app.

90 minute wait for Big Thunder (Grab a FastPass and you can ride at 6:40 p.m.), 95 minutes for Dumbo, 115 Minutes for Peter Pan, 110 each for Splash Mountain & Mermaid.

Longest of all -- 130 Minutes for Space Mountain. But hey -- there's always "Stitch's Great Escape" -- it's almost a walk on.
Over at Epcot -- Soarin's at 2 1/2 hours wait time!

Bring your patience if you hit the parks this week!

Oh -- and 2 more notes -- Blizzard Beach is open again. It closed yesterday not due to the storms, but due to some kind of technical problem.That problem was fixed mid-morning today.

Finally -- "The Twitter" is abuzz about a new "Iron Man 3" advertisement on one of the monorails.  Well -- after experimenting with the "Tronorail" a couple of years ago - this has become a standard marketing technique.

But here's something you may not know. Like "The Avengers-rail" last year -- don't expect to see Iron Man sweeping through Epcot.
Universal owns the theme park rights for nearly all Marvel characters east of the Mississippi.  

That means -- IronMan3orail must stick to the routes between TTC & Magic Kingdom. If it goes INTO a theme park (i.e., Epcot) it would violate Universal's contract.

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