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By Ken Pilcher - Producer
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June 7, 2013

Theme World: Tour Fun Spot's Expanion

Fun Spot America finally lives up to its motto: "It's huge." And tomorrow it is holding a 15th birthday celebration as it holds the grand opening of the new expansion. Details on that below.
It has tripled  the size of the park off I-Drive -- and there's still room to add more.  I can tell you the place has truly transformed -- and is a much better place. Look how open it feels.

To help give you some perspective -- I took the Ferris Wheel near what was once the front of the park. (The new entrance and much larger parking lot is part of the expansion)

 Take a look. The new entrance is the white pointy (art decoish) building at the back right. In the center is the world's second largest sky coaster. The yellow you see is the new steel coaster.
And on the back left through the back center is (for me) the highlight of the expansion. The Steel-Wood hybrid White Lightning.

This is a very aptly named ride. 2,000 feet of track that is one wild and fast ride. Went on it four times and it didn't matter if I was in the back or the front -- it was a thrilling ride.
A nice variation on the classic "Out and back" style coaster. THE Name in wooden coasters designed and built it: Great Coasters International.

I love wooden coasters -- but they do not have the best track record in Florida due to the heat, humidity, termites and torrential rain.

 Because the supports are steel -- and only the track is wooden --it feels like a smoothish wooden coaster but should be able to last for decades. (Unlike what I keep hearing about Busch Gardens' Gwazi)
Also at the front of the park is the second of the three big additions: Freedom Flyer.

 It is a suspended steel coaster, 1,200 feet long, and a worthy addition. Fun Spot wanted a family-friendly coaster, and that it what they got. Despite the twists and turns, the ride has no inversions (you don't go upside down).

This should make it a great first "big kid" coaster. It's definitely more intense than, say, Goofy's Barnstormer at the Magic Kingdom, but nowhere near as intimidating as Dragon's Challenge at Islands of Adventure, or Kraken at SeaWorld.

Fun Spot has also added a handful of new "flat rides" to the park, like Rip Curl.

 And the Sky Diner adds MUCH improved food service to the park.

But what was built on TOP of the Sky Diner will be a destination for true thrill seekers: the world's second-largest Sky Coaster is literally the center of the park now.

It's 250 feet tall and I watched several people take the plunge, literally.  Too much for me, but the people who tried it seemed to like it.
The last major addition was still under construction when I visited recently.

That's a fourth go-cart track going up near the other three.
To see how big a change this all makes, Fun Spot posted a time-lapse video of the entire construction on its YouTube channel.  You can see it below.


And to celebrate - the park has quite a deal tomorrow. They are planning a Grand re-opening at 10am with prizes and until noon, armbands to let you on the rides cost just $15. That's normally $40. But remember admission is always free -- if you want to just check out the place and take in some of the humorous details.

So congrats to our friends at Fun Spot.
More Theme World next week, including a tasty addition to Epcot.

Until then, keep your emails, questions, and comments coming!

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See you in the parks!

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