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By Ken Pilcher - Producer
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March 5, 2013

Universal & SeaWorld Announcements

 Greetings from Theme World.
Two announcements today: one small and natural -- the other big and metal.

Let's start at Universal -- where a press release announces: "The battle preparations are underway."
We've told you how the park has taken Transformers: the Ride: 3-D from nothing to almost ready to open in less than a year.
You've seen how fast the building has been rising up.

Well -- I've heard reliable rumors that Universal creative is already cycling cars through the Transformers building -- even as they continue getting the effects, set and projections ready for this unbelievable complicated, high-tech attraction.  Well, Universal must be feeling pretty confident  it'll be ready soon.

First - Optimus Prime & Bumblebee are now out for regular meet-and-greets inside Universal Studios Florida.  Thanks to the magic of costumes and stilts, the characters tower more than 9-feet-tall each.  Universal says the Optimus character can even talk to guests.  Here's a publicity photo of the two characters in front of the other half of universal's announcement.

Behind them, you can read the words "Supply Vault." Well, a few feet from where they are standing, that "Vault" is now open for humans to buy all matter of Transformers merchandise, including items unique to the park. (Why humans need to go inside a supply vault for Autobots is a good question -- but the shop has to be named something)

We'll keep you posted as we hear when the ride will be ready for humans to test.

Here's a link to  more information about TRANSFORMERS: The Ride - 3D,  and a link to my recent Universal construction tour (By the way -- I hear the facade for Moe's Tavern in the new Simpsons miniland has started going up).

The Second Announcement comes from SeaWorld. No -- it's not about Antarctica, this one is all natural.
 We are getting out first look at a baby dolphin  born a week ago at the Discovery Cove boutique park.

SeaWorld tells us the Atlantic Bottlenose is a boy, and is now about 44 pounds and 44 inches long.

The park tells us he is nursing and bonding with his mother, Kendall. He is the fourth calf born to that mom, and the 26th baby dolphin born at Discovery Cove since it opened in 2000.  For those that don't know -- a signature part of Discovery Cove is a swim with Dolphins.

Let's hope he keeps doing swimmingly.

A quick note: Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival returns tomorrow. I'll have a look at what's new -- including some tasty additions to the flower fest tomorrow in Theme World.

Feel free to keep emailing me any tips or questions!

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