Radio City Rockettes visit Local 6 for Christmas show

Rockettes teach our Nicole Pesecky some signature moves

ORLANDO, Fla. - Pointed toes and smiling faces are a must for the coveted role of a Rockette.

"The rockettes are iconic. Its rich history and its a privledge everyday to have a spot in that kick line," Jeanne Logan Cargillone, a Rockette said.

These ladies are in excellent shape, and they have to be to get through three hundred kicks each show.

"We train all year long. Six days of rehearsal and 6 hours a day, so its quite a grueling schedule," Rockette, Laura Iberg said.

These Rockettes are preparing for the holidays with the Christmas show in Tampa, transforming the sunshine state into a winter wonderland.

Before the ladies were off on their way, they showed our Nicole Pesecky some basic moves.

"Draw your left leg up and to your knee and then flick it out," the dancer explained.

We started off with strut kicks. The Rockettes save the eye high kicks strictly for the stage.

The Christmas show will be in Tampa December 12th through the 29th. For tickets click here

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