11-foot python slithers into Florida student's car

Davie officer wrangles reptile

DAVIE, Fla. – A South Florida college student was startled when he saw a large snake crawling under his roommate's car.

Nova Southeastern University students Ross Price and his roommate James Hand called an exterminator on Feb. 1, but were told it was too late to send someone. So they called the Davie Police Department.

The Sun-Sentinel reported that Officer Tony Bernardo -- the go-to guy for dealing with wildlife -- and two other officers responded. The snake put up a fight and moved deep into the Toyota Camry's engine compartment. Eventually, they pulled out an 11-foot reticulated python.

Police spokesman Mark Leone said it was likely a pet because it was in a residential area. The snake was turned over to a company licensed by the state to care for exotic animals.