Peanut butter jailbreak really not that nutty

Brady Kilpatrick, 24, captured in Florida

(Walker County Sheriff's Office via CNN)

MIAMI – Using peanut butter to escape from the Walker County Jail in Alabama isn't as crazy as it sounds.

Belinda Ann Weldon is an Alabama attorney familiar with the jail from which 12 inmates escaped on Sunday.

She represents the last of the 12 inmates to be captured. She said she can see how a guard watching remotely could be fooled if inmates partially obscure the number that identifies each door.

Authorities said the inexperienced guard, watching 150 inmates through security cameras from a control room, thought he was opening the cell at an inmate's request, when in fact, the peanut-buttered number he punched in released a door to the outside.

The first 11 inmates were captured within hours of their escape, never leaving the county, but authorities said Brady Kilpatrick, 24, made it to Martin County, Florida.