Cockroach lays egg in Florida man's ear

'I heard it die in my head,' Blake Collins tells Tallahassee Democrat


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A Florida man battling a roach invasion at his apartment had to go to a hospital after a roach laid an egg in his ear.

Blake Collins told the Tallahassee Democrat he woke up one morning earlier this month to hear it crawling in his ear.

A roach was burrowing inside of my head," Collins told the newspaper. "I could hear his legs inside me. It felt like someone was shoving a Q-tip all the way inside my head and there was nothing I could do to stop it."

Collins, 25, went to a Tallahassee hospital, where a doctor used a syringe and lidocaine to kill the roach. 

"I heard it die in my head," Collins told the newspaper. "When he poured the lidocaine in, I could feel him go super, super fast, kicking and try to dig its way out, and a faint little squeal and then two minutes later, it just stopped and he died."

But the nasty insect left something behind -- an egg.

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