Adrianna Iwasinski

Investigative Reporter


Emmy nominated, award-winning journalist Adrianna Iwasinski joined News 6 in June of 2017. With more than two decades of covering important news events in Oklahoma and Texas, she brings an extensive background in investigative reporting to the News 6 Investigators. She won a 1st-place award for investigative journalism with the Society of Professional Journalists for her work uncovering painful experiments being done on students and teaching assistants at the University of Oklahoma. Those experiments were caught on video by a teaching assistant who shared his experience exclusively with Adrianna. Soon after the story aired, the two professors involved resigned and left the state. Adrianna’s talents in getting results for viewers is relentless.  In 2014, she launched an investigation into an Oklahoma City police officer accused of preying on women in his patrol district.  That officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, was subsequently fired, arrested and charged with multiple sex crimes against 13 women. The case gained national attention when Holtzclaw was convicted and sentenced to 263 years in prison. Adrianna was the first to report this groundbreaking story, sharing one victim's account about her encounter with the officer. She was the only Oklahoma reporter to follow the case from beginning to end. On the first anniversary of the 9-11 terrorists attacks, Adrianna was personally invited to the city by a family who lost their son in the second tower hit.  As the only Oklahoma City reporter in New York City on that memorable day, she was proud to share not only that family’s story, but to honor all the lives lost that day for the city of Oklahoma. Adrianna and her photojournalist received an NPPA honorable mention for their work. Adrianna spent the past 5 years as KWTV News 9's CrimeTracker reporter. As a hardworking mom, she is excited to start this new chapter in Orlando with her children. She also is an avid cyclist who likes to take part in charity bike races and long weekend rides. "I believe investigative journalism is where we get to dig deeper, look harder, and really try to make a difference by going the extra mile for our viewers and our community. I work hard to filter out the fact from the fiction. And I believe you have to put in the extra time and effort to make sure we are Getting Results for you when you call upon us to investigate," Adrianna said. Got a tip? Email her! You can watch Adrianna weekdays on News 6 and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Place You Would Love To Visit: Italy, France, Poland, Thailand. Favorite Food: Thai, sushi, my mother's perogies Favorite Genre Of Music: I love all music - from classical to rock to Broadway show tunes! Favorite Sport: Basketball and Volleyball Favorite Team: OKC Thunder! Favorite Actor/Actress: Robin Williams (RIP) Meryl Streep, and Viola Davis Favorite Quote: With God, all things are possible


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