Lauren Cervantes


Lauren Cervantes was born and raised in the Midwest but calls Florida her second home.

She has family in the Fort Lauderdale area and has spent a lot of time in the Sunshine State.

Lauren joined News 6 in August of 2019 as a reporter. Prior to Orlando, Lauren was the evening anchor at WMBD in Peoria, Illinois. She also worked in Rockford, Illinois, as the morning anchor at WTVO.

Lauren has a passion for politics and sharing stories of the community.

If you have a story you'd like to share, you can email Lauren at

Favorite Restaurant: Summer House for brunch 
Favorite Food: Cuban food
Favorite Genre Of Music: Classic Rock and Country 
Favorite Musical Group/Singer: Tom Petty 
Favorite Website:
Favorite Author: This changes on a weekly basis. I'm always reading something new that I love.
Favorite Book: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen 
Favorite Sport: To watch, hockey; to play, tennis and golf
Favorite Team: Blackhawks
Favorite Movie: Pride & Prejudice 
Favorite TV Show: News programs 
Favorite Actor/Actress: Keanu Reeves 
Favorite Quote: Don't worry, be happy -Bobby McFerrin 
Place You Would Love To Visit: Cuba