How to make Facebook great again

We show you how to see more puppies and less politics (if you want that)


Scrolling through your news feed used to be a mindless, care-free task. It was full of other people's babies or pictures of people's breakfasts or Buzzfeed quizzes telling you what type of pizza topping you would be.

Oh, how times have changed.

Before the election, Facebook went from puppy pictures to political opinions in a flash. Suddenly news feeds were less pictures of your friend's children, and more pictures of Hillary Clinton. They transformed from statuses about being dumped, to statuses about Donald Trump.

But surely when the election was over, Facebook would return to normal, right? Nope. Wrong. People can barely open the Facebook app on their phone without getting in a political argument. Like the wrong Facebook status and suddenly half your family and friends are on your case. You are labeled a "snowflake" or a "deplorable" when you really just logged to see some puppies and some breakfasts and maybe watch the new "Carpool Karaoke" video.

So, will our Facebook feeds be like this forever? Or is there a way to make Facebook great again?

We don't know how long people will continue to post politics on Facebook, but we can help you hide the political posts you don't want to see, and help you see more of things you come to Facebook for.