Fire and a distinct odor in original new creature at Universal

Blast-ended skrewt coming to Wizarding World of Harry Potter

ORLANDO, Fla. – Universal Orlando has revealed a new first-of-its-kind creature for its upcoming ride.

After a week of familiar creatures from the popular "Harry Potter" films, Universal has given the world a look at the blast-ended skrewt.

Guests will see the new monster in the immersive new coaster Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

Universal describes the creature, which Hagris put together, as a crossover between a giant scorpion and an elongated crab.

The blast-ended skrewt was first introduced to fans in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." It also got a few mentions in "Order of the Phoenix" and the "Half-Blood Prince."

According to the popular Harry Potter fan site Pottermore, the creatures have incredibly strong armor that cannot be penetrated by spells.

Pottermore gives a warning of the dangers, saying the blast-ended skrewts can sting, suck blood and blast fire out of its tail.

During the ride, opening on June 13, riders will come face to face with the creature and its potential dangers.

Universal says this creature is one of several -- others include Fluffy, the three-headed dog; cornish pixies, The Devil's Snare and majestic Centaurs.

The new ride this summer will take guests deep into the Forbidden Forest aboard magical motorbikes to brave the mysteries and thrills beyond the grounds of Hogwarts castle to find some of the wizarding world’s rarest magical creatures. 

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