Orlando police identify Wet 'n Wild worker trapped in pool

Police say worker was sucked into water by pump

The Insider
The Insider

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando police released more information on Wednesday detailing the events that led up to a Wet 'n Wild Orlando employee becoming trapped underwater while cleaning a pool.

The employee was taken to a hospital in critical condition in the Aug. 26 incident after being pulled from the pool by coworkers.

Police said the worker, William Gonzalez, was looking for a lost pair of glasses under a water pump grate when he got sucked into the water, by the pump.

A co-worker tried to free him, but couldn't and that's when Gonzalez went under, according to the report.

Another co-worker started giving him "rescue breaths" underwater until the pump was turned off and Gonzalez could be rescued.

Gonzalez was rushed to the hospital with bruises on his torso, caused by the suction of the pump.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was investigating the incident.