Disney helps blind 'feel' fireworks

'It would definitely help me relive those moments,' blind man says


Disney says it is creating a way for the blind to "feel" fireworks, allowing them to have a unique experience.

A Disney Research Lab in Zurich has developed a new technology that might give the blind a tactile fireworks show so they can share in the signature experience that others enjoy nightly at Disney parks.

Water pulses timed to spray on high-tech fabrics in unison with fireworks will mimic the colorful bursts overhead, creating a new way to feel fireworks.

"This would at least give them a tactile way to explore and find out what is going on. How big it is," Chelsea Bridges said.

"At this point in my life, it would definitely help me relive those moments and help me recapture those exciting times that I'd been able to share with my kids," said Gary Watson, who can no longer see.

"I lost my eyesight in a car accident in 1993. I went from everything to nothing after the accident," Scott Greenblat said. "(This is) extraordinarily forward thinking of them and inclusive of them."