Get ready to run, 'Us' comes to Halloween Horror Nights

New house joins exciting lineup of mazes set for this fall

ORLANDO, Fla – Universal Orlando announced Wednesday the global horror hit blockbuster "Us" is coming to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

The smash-hit from award winning film director Jordan Peele follows a Adelaide Wilson and her family, who return to a beachfront home where she grew up as as child. Haunted by her past, horrifying things unfold as four masked strangers show up at her family's home, forcing them to fight to survive. To make matters worse, things take a disturbing turn when the masked strangers turn out to be doppelgangers of each of the family members.

Check out the trailer below.

Universal leaders said guests will follow in the footsteps of Adelaide as she enters the Santa Cruz beach mirror fun house where she discovers one of "the tethered," her doppelganger, an event that alters both of their lives.

Guests will also venture deep into the tunnels where the tethered live and even escape the family home when the masked strangers take over, and guests will quickly discover you are your own worst enemy, Universal leaders said.

Universal's Halloween Horror Nights runs select nights from Sept. 6 to Nov. 2.


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