Disney guests on vacation monitor Hurricane Dorian

One guest said there was no wait for some rides

ORLANDO, Fla. – As Hurricane Dorian threatens to bear down on parts of Central Florida, Disney World announced it will close its theme parks early on Tuesday.

Guests to the theme park on earth traveled from all over the world to enjoy Orlando’s popular attractions over the Labor Day weekend.

Nick Fisher traveled from west Michigan with his family and said they arrived on Saturday hoping the storm would dodge Orlando.

“We know hurricanes can wobble to the left and the right a little bit,” Fisher said.

Fisher’s wife Lorena said before Disney adjusted their hours the family had an opportunity to visit some parks.

“No lines, I did fast pass for like all my stuff but I didn’t even have to use it, there were no lines which is nice,” Lorena Fisher said.

Gabriel Cordoves from Ecuador said he is not bummed out about early closing time.

“We actually don’t know, we are just walking and taking a stroll looking for what we can do around here,” Cordoves said.

Fisher said he didn’t want to the family vacation ruined because of the potential disastrous hurricane.

“We didn’t want to not come and then watch it miss Florida and then not have taken this vacation and had to postpone it.”

Officials with Seaworld, Aquatica and Discovery Cove announced they would be closed on Tuesday because of the approaching storm.

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