Disney guests evacuated from monorail after power failure

Monorail reopens after outage in bad weather

By Erik von Ancken - Anchor/Reporter, Amaka Ubaka

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - The Disney monorails were back up and running Monday morning after a power outage caused 120 passengers to be evacuated on Sunday night.

Passengers had to be rescued from the Disney World monorail that left the Magic Kingdom Sunday night after a power failure on the train during bad weather.

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"There was a huge bolt of lightning and thunder simultaneously and then the monorail slowly coasted to a stop. Everybody was looking around like, oh my goodness what just happened? Are we stuck here? You know of course all the worst things were going through everybody's minds," said Kelly Garland who was on the monorail with her two young sons and a friend.

Disney spokesperson Andrea Finger said the outage had been reviewed and the monorail was operating normally on Monday.

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Guests at the park were initially posting on social media that lightning struck the track, which caused the train to stop on the Epcot monorail line, not far from the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Finger told Local 6 the train stopped because of a weather incident but there was no way to tell if it was struck by lightning, adding that the train car showed no signs of being hit by lightning.

Finger said the severe weather in the area caused the power outage.

"It started to get hot, of course, and we were stuck in there for two hours, wondering what was going to happen, when we were going to be rescued, if we needed to be rescued," said Garland.

Firefighters were called to the track and had to use their ladder trucks to evacuate approximately 120 passengers off the train after attempts to power it back up failed.

"We, fortunately, were able to go out the side door. The other five cars on the monorail had to climb up through the roof," said Garland.


There did not appear to be any injuries.

Officials said some passengers were stuck on the train for up to an hour and a half before being evacuated, with the train about 30 feet in the air, the last one being removed around 8 p.m.

"Where we were there was never really a storm. There was that one bolt of lightning," said passenger Melissa Mock. "You could tell it was very close to where we were at and when the thunder hit you could tell it was so close."

Officials said the train was stuck on a track switch, making it difficult for a tow truck to get there.

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In 2009, a monorail driver was killed after two trains collided, which officials say was the result of series of mistakes and prompted major safety changes.

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