Transformers ride could be coming to Universal Orlando

Ride already exists in two other Universal parks

ORLANDO, Fla. - A Transformers ride could be coming to Universal Studios in Orlando, according to, which released poster art on its website.

The ride featuring Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee is already opened at two of Universal's other parks and could open in Orlando as soon as next year.

The ride is already open at two of Universal's other parks. In both Singapore and Hollywood, riders start out in a que before getting into a ride vehicle designed to look like an Automat named Evac. 12 people at a time, riders inside of Evac go through 3-D adventure where guests can actually help Optimus and Autobots beat the bad guys.

UCF professor Duncan Dickson says it would make sense for Universal to bring Transformers to Orlando. Combined, the three recent blockbuster movies made more than $2.5 billion and Universal has already opened similar rides at parks in Singapore and Hollywood.

The ride would also take some of the pressure off of the Islands of Adventure side of the park, which is flooded with Harry Potter fans, according to Dickson.

"If you can get more people in both parks the better off you are," Dickson said.

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