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By Ken Pilcher - Producer
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March 27, 2013

Construction Roundup Pt. 1

Right now -  Spring Break and Easter crowds are packing area  parks big and small --

But there's another small army inside Theme World right now: construction workers.

First -- let's head to Fun Spot America's huuuuge expansion off I-Drive. The kind folks there sent in this aerial construction photo.

In the foreground - the white lattice work shows the rapid rise of the park's new wooden/steel hybrid roller coaster - White lightning. Behind it -- you can see the blue and yellow  steel roller coaster - a suspended family coaster. And in the middle of the photo -- the world's 2nd-largest SkyCoaster is almost ready to drop guests from 250 feet in the air. Let's flip our point of view.

This second shot shows another part of the expansion. Look in the middle of the image above and you can see the new Green Commander go-kart track is going up.
FunSpot promises the first phase of the expansion (which is more than doubling the park's size) will be ready by its 15th Birthday, on June 8th. Most of the rides will be up and running sooner.  Here's more on the expansion. We will keep you posted.

Now let's shift to Disney where the most-anticipated bathrooms on earth are ready.

The new area themed to the movie "Tangled" also includes Rapunzel's tower and places for guests to sit and charge smartphones and tablets. The new potties near "it's a small world" will eventually allow Disney to expand the queue for "Peter Pan's Flight"-- an expansion rumored to include interactive elements.
Meanwhile over in the Fantasyland Expansion.

That's an overview of the "7 Dwarfs Mine Coaster" going up fast in the heart of the area. These are screen grabs from Sky 6 which flew over the parks for you Theme World fans. You can see teams are starting to put the "rock" skin on the smallish new mountain.
Take a look around back:

You can see more coaster track on the left -- and on the right -- is a little "village" aimed at making the mountain blend in with the nearby Little Mermaid Ride.

 That spiral track is almost done. It will take advantage of the ride's unique swinging-mine-car design. Disney still says look for this in 2014.  I hear it may open a smidge earlier. May.

In other Disney news --- I hear site prep work is well underway at what will transform Downtown Disney into Disney Springs.

Here's a link to our Theme World entry on that development. Construction should start very soon.

That's it for today. I'm taking a couple of days off because March Madness has canceled my newscast Thursday & Friday. Next week -- the big themed construction site: the Transformation (pun intended) of the Universal Orlando resort, and I'm still running down rumors of something big coming at Disney.

Please feel free to keep emailing me your questions, comments and tips.

And here's a link to our other recent Theme World Blog entries.

 See you in the parks! (but not til the Spring Break crowds leave)

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