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By Ken Pilcher - Producer

You've seen the ads. You know the hype. Fun Spot America on I-Drive has always claimed that "It's Huge!" based on the fun of its signature Ferris wheel - flat rides and newly spiffed up Go Cart tracks.

The park has always been a good time, albeit in a cramped 5-acre site smaller than Epcot's Land Pavilion. But in just weeks -- FunSpot really will feel HUGE! -- and there is plenty of room to get Huger! (apologies to my grammar teachers -- I couldn't resist). It is tripling in size from 5 to 15 acres, and the park is looking for workers. More on that in a bit.

We recently shared with you the park's aerial image of its big expansion under construction.

But Saturday, February 23 marked a big milestone -- a part of the project that changes the I-Drive skyline. And Fun Spot America wanted guests to know about it.

Walk just a few feet further -- and you couldn't miss it. The main structure of the world's 2nd-largest SkyCoaster being put together like a giant erector set.

A wider view from around 2 p.m. shows the workers getting the parts ready for the cranes.

On the other side of the construction zone -- giant pieces of the SkyCoaster were laid out to be hoisted to the top.

When I left around 3:30 p.m. -- it was already impressive. The SkyCoaster formerly out at the MGM Grand in Vegas is getting a new life -- and a new load building at the heart of the park.

A Day or so later, the main structure was complete. Though there is still a lot of work before the first customers get flung around -- dropped from 250 feet in the air -- then let loose. (Fun trivia fact -- this is the 2nd-largest SkyCoaster. The largest? It's at Fun Spot USA In Kissimmee)

Fun Spot Marketing director Mark Brisson sent us that picture -- and also posted this time lapse video on YouTube of the SkyCoater's construction.


But the SkyCoaster is just one part of Fun Spot's big expansion. This picture from the corner of the new parking lot shows it off. Look closely -- the signature Ferris Wheel is in the upper left hand corner way in the distance.

The large building in front is the new main entrance. (Brisson tells me the existing entrance will remain open for pedestrians and the I-Drive Trolley)

Here's another angle of just the expansion. Eventually, the park hopes to move the Ferris Wheel atop the new entrance. Behind it -- you can see the SkyCoaster. To the right -- the blue supports and yellow track of the Freedom Flyer coaster are quickly rising.

That family-friendly suspended coaster is one of two roller coasters coming soon. Here's a closer look at the Flier. The concerete circles you see in the foreground are the footers for the White Lightning wooden roller coaster.

There are parts all over the site as Fun Spot's construction team works hard to meet its June 8th Grand Reopening.

But the park has even grander plans. As they show off on the sign at the front of the current park -- Fun Spot is now looking at adding a water park on part of the 10-acre expansion pad.

But wait! There's more. Brisson confirms Fun Spot America has now bought (or optioned) another 10 acres adjacent to the expansion pad -- though there are no plans yet for what will rise up there.

In honor of the existing expansion -- the city of Orlando has just given the park permission to rename Touchstone Dr (the road leading to the new main entrance) Fun Spot Way.

And those new rides, shops, restaurants and more mean new jobs. Brisson says FunSpot America plans to hire 50 new workers in 50 days.

If you're interested in applying -- email HR@Fun-Spot.com.

Congrats to Fun Spot -- I'll bring you more as it rises out of the ground.

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