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By Ken Pilcher - Producer
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Hey -- quick mention from our friends at FunSpot attractions.

They are looking for a cast of hundreds -- even thousands ages 12 & older to dance and star in their next HUUUUUGE TV commercial.

This one they call a "Mob Dance/Gangham Style"

FunSpot sent me the following information:

· Rehearsal - Monday, 2/4 from 4-6 pm at Fun Spot Kissimmee - Just off Hwy 192, MM#9
· Taping - Wednesday, 2/6 from 3-6 pm at Fun Spot Kissimmee - Just off Hwy 192, MM#9
* Each performer who participates in the commercial will receive a $35 Fun Spot pass to either of our Parks & a $40 SkyCoaster pass.

"Go Fun Spot style."

Contact: Mark at mbrisson@fun-spot.com for a  copy of the music and script.

Good luck fame-seekers.

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